Is your life complete…

Is my life complete? This is one question that we all are searching answers for. The quest remains unanswered as the answer keeps changing as we mature in life. For some life is complete when you have abundant money, these people believe in the saying ‘money is everything’, for some it is the achievement of their passion which can range from travelling, to be kind, to do something for the society and many more.

Everyone have their own perspectives depending upon the experiences that life throws on. When you grow as a person, focus on creating a wealth for your ownself. When i say wealth, i am not talking about accumulating loads of money in your bank account. Let me elaborate by an example, there is a person who has everything in his life (by everything i refer to think of anything in the world and this person has the means to get it) but has no one to share it…feels incomplete as he missed out on creating the wealth. I read somewhere ‘if you want to know how rich you are, count all these things which money can’t buy. How much one defend that money can buy everything, the real truth remains that it can’t buy you true love, respect, hope, faith, happiness, peace. When you talk about wealth, it definitely includes money but it also includes how much you have invested in the people you love, what purpose you want to serve being a part of the society, coz at the end of the day what matters is how many people you have around you who stand by you. As someone rightly said ‘try being a candle for someone to light up their life’s’.

Its very easy to do something good for your beloved ones, try doing something good to strangers. If you are able to bring hope and smile on one person’s face a day, you move a step further in making your life complete!!

Be a candle 🕯to someone’s life and make your life complete!!

I am on my way to acquire wealth😊😊

You & Me

When hopes begin to fade down, u r the strength to keep me afloat..

When tears roll down, u r the smile i look for..

When i tumble, u r the one to hold me..

When i want to run away, u r there to accompany me…

When i am angry, u r there to listen to me..

When i say its all my fault, u r there to comfort me…
You and me are that one inseperable soul who would always be together no matter what…

Daily Notes- Part 2

Just a brief recap, in my last blog I had mentioned about the girl whose life was lively because of the daily notes she received with her daily coffee. Link for part 1

The spilling of the hot coffee reminded her of the day when she had first met him. Like any other day she had come to this cafe and while entering she banged with him. He was holding a cappuccino which spilled all over..’I am sorry’, he said. She was very angry as the coffee had spilled on her ipad. Looking at her angry face, he offered to help. She was in no mood to speak to a stranger but thought to take his help as she was a novice with her new gadget  and thats how the conversation struck. 

He took the ipad from her,  wiped it with a tissue and rebooted it. The smile on her face after seeing her gadget working was out of this world. She thanked him and asked for his name. She felt sorry for getting so hyper, he acknowleged the sorry by saying it was all his mistake. She continued that she was more sorry as it was the gift from her dear bro, the last gift from her brother.

She was lost in her thoughts and suddenly came back to reality with a jerk when the waiter placed the cofffe on the table and said ‘Ma’m your coffee’☕️.

Coffee and her thoughts had a never ending bond with each other.

Stay tuned!!

Hope you like it…please do post your comments.


Maa, mummy, mom, mumma… multiple names for the woman who brought us into this world bearing the pain for 9 months. She is the one who is always by your side no matter what the situation is. As we grow up, our relation with our mother changes. Today on ‘Mothers Day’, you will find everyone posting pics with their mom along with long status updates on social media, i just wanna know how many amongst you are actually spending a quality time with your maa. Why do you require one single day to show your mother that you care and lover her…what about the rest 364 days of the year when u don’t even bother to know how is she doing or about her whereabouts.

I request everyone reading this please don’t post pics of your mom instead take her out, pamper her, giggle with her..this will make her smile😀, a smile which is slefless and has the power to take away your sadness. Make a promise to yourself that no matter what how much busy you are in ur life, u will always take out time from the busy schedule to spend time with her ‘maa time’ and will not wait for that 1 day to make it special. 

Always have time for your parents, they deserve your luv and affection.. your smile makes them happy.

Last but not the least, kudos to all the mothers in this world. Mom’s you teach us how to love, how to walk, how to fight, how to be a better person in an unconditional way. No one can replace the affection that you give.

Love you to all to Maa’s. Thankyou for everything, a very small word for all the sacrifices that you make!!

Daily Notes

She was sitting at the last corner seat of the coffee shop fidgeting with her hair strand lost in her own world. The waiter came with her regular coffee but the note was missing today, a note which was a daily affair with the coffee to break her thoughts. These notes had the power to ignite her thoughts, were a form of a therapy to her broken soul. She was unaware of the one who was sending her notes, she tried many a times to find him but all in vain. Not finding the note made her sad, she felt something was missing and that made her vulnerable. The coffee mug broke and the hot coffee spilled over her hand and she went back into the memories, which she always wanted to forget.
What were this memories, something happy or some scary ones… Stay tuned…


Tears are a way to express your emotions. They always come rolling down your cheeks in happy and sad times. No matter how much hard you try they are ready to give you a company and only the pillows on  the bed knows the story. They are the one who keeps the secrets with them without getting judgemental and providing the much needed solace to the heart and the mind. When you are sad and a tear drops from the eye, it takes away a part of the pain which was keeping you awake. I heard people saying at times that ‘Tears don’t let us sleep in good and bad times’, the best companion i must say.

Tears are the messenger, they make you tough to face the obstacles of life. Don’t believe on those who tell you crying makes you weak, instead tell them that it has made you a better, confident and strong person.

Tears are the summer showers to the soul- Alfred Austin

So all the lovely people reading this- Do cry when you heart feels so, but do remember to smile after it!!😊😊